TranquilityNET is a grand culmination of our efforts over the past 6 years

Since 2004, our team has worked with dozens of different PMS applications for many different hotels. While every PMS is efficient in their own way, we weren’t fans of how some of these applications always seemed to lack something in some way when compared to one other. In 2014, members of our team began to work on REPOSE which was a PMS application that combined the greatest features from everything we had ever worked with. Over time, our team expanded and moved development over to the cloud. In 2018, we changed the name of REPOSE to TranquilityNET while developing the Tranquility line of hotel management services. 

TranquilityNET is the grand culmination of over 6 years of development and we’re proud to show you everything you can accomplish with our system. Our mission is to offer your hotel a complete management service unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in the past.

Our Team

Meet some of the amazing minds who have helped bring TranquilityNET to life

Karl Trausti

Project coordinator

Felix Halldórsson

hyperledger fabric engineer

Cámeróná Bóltróndottir

Sales & Outreach

Vigdís Jóhannsdóttir

marketing coordinator

We aim to offer the most secure hotel management platform on the planet

With the Tranquility family of services, we aim to offer a truly advanced system for managing your property. We believe that the Tranquility family of services contains everything you will ever need to run a successful hotel operation that is focused on the future. 

Powered by multiple blockchain and cloud services for added security and speed, TranquilityNET is set to be the best thing to happen to hotels in the 21st century.