Powering Everything Behind The Scenes

Powerful Central Reservation System

Powered By Blockchain Technology

99.9% Uptime

TranquilitySERVE is a cloud-based blockchain platform that powers every instance of TranquilityNET across hotels around the world.


Connectivity between TranquilitySERVE and TranquilityNET is always reliable so you’ll never have to worry about unnecessary downtime.

Quick TAT

TranquilitySERVE has an extremely fast task turnaround time so items and operations in TranquilityNET can be completed quickly.​

Secure Audit Process

TranquilitySERVE harnesses the power of two separate blockchain networks for all night audit closeouts in TranquilityNET.

Accessible Backups

TranquilityNET backup data from the past is securely stored and can be retrieved at any point in time.

Heavy Multitasking

No matter how many instances of TranquilityNET your property is running, TranquilitySERVE can handle it all.

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